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5 unforgettable experiences in San Pedro, Belize

July 8, 2019

San Pedro is the biggest town and a major tourist attraction in the Ambergris Caye area of Belize. With a beautiful and quaint island vibe, this tropical gem tops our list of destinations in Belize. Here's five reasons to check it out:

Scuba/snorkeling at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve

The main attraction that draws people from around the world to this Central American paradise is the Barrier Reef. It is the second largest Barrier Reef in the world, and it is only half a mile from San Pedro. The crystal clear waters and the extraordinary abundance of sea life make this place a favorite among scuba divers and snorkel enthusiasts. There are plenty boat of companies that will take you to the extraordinary Hol Chan Marine Reserve, which covers approximately 18 square kilometers of coral reef, mangroves and sea grass beds, and with the calm, clear water, you do not even have to be a great swimmer to enjoy this amazing experience. Sea turtles, eels, stingrays, nurse sharks and more are a common sight during a snorkeling expedition in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. 

Golf cart freedom

The main way to get around San Pedro and the Ambergris Caye is also the main way to get around your local course - with a golf cart. The Club Car dealership is one of the first places that greets you after arriving in the San Pedro airport, and numerous rental places will offer you a cart to rent for about $15 per day. They easily fit four people and Golf Cart bar hopping is a popular nightlife activity in this city which stays up late for those looking to party. 

Secret beach

For a relaxing beach experience away from the bustling of the little town there is only one place where you need to go the secret beach. Even though it hardly seems like a secret as all locals will point you in that direction, the beach is surprisingly not crowded especially if you compete it to some of the other Caribbean beach destinations. The water is the most extraordinary color blue, completely calm and it seems you can walk to the middle of the ocean without getting your hair wet. And the beach itself is just silky soft white sand. Whether you feel like sitting on a in-water picnic table and enjoy a freshly cut coconut or trying an adventurous standup paddle board adventure, you will find it at Secret Beach. There are a couple of bars at the beach to make sure your tropical cravings are met and a few local artisans should you feel the need to get a local souvenir. Last but not least the actual 40 minute- golf cart drive to this beach is a fun experience on its own.

Motorized surf board rental

What do you get when you combine a wakeboard with the boat that's pulling it? A motorized surfboard, of course. The only place you'll find this new piece of technology in the entire region is from a local outfit called Jet Surf Belize, which operates out of Secret Beach on the Ambergris Caye. Board riders will find themselves quick to master this relatively easy discipline of their pastime, but for a real challenge, you can try it without bindings in your "switch stance."

Neri's tacos

Ask around for the best street food in San Pedro, and you'll likely be directed to Parham Plaza and the Central Park area of town, where Neri's Tacos has a modest stand held together with tarp and twine. The stand only closes for a few hours per day as part of Neri's relentless commitment to customer service. The chicken tacos with their robust, pita-bread like flour tortillas and expertly prepared refriend beans will leave you wanting more, and Neri will be happy to oblige. The price? Not enough. The flavor? More than seemingly possible. The taste? Unforgettable. 

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